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biketrip Jordan/Israël

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biketrip Jordan/Israël

Hi cycling friends!

After a couple of bikepacking trips in Europe I'm planning on doing my first more extreme conditions trip.

I'm flying into Alexandria (Egypt) and will try bike from Cairo to Taba, cross the boarder with Jordan at Akaba, then go up all the way to Aman and cross the boarder to go to the west bank of Jordan and go through Jeruzalem and end in Tel Aviv.

Any people who rode through these countries? Is it doable? Especially the part through Egypt looks tough?

Any tips for riding through the desert? Which type of bike would you recommend? I've mostly done my bike trips with a gravel bike. Any gadgets that are necessary or can make my trip more comfortable?

My plan is to buy a bike in Cairo and sell it in Tel Aviv. Any Egyptian people here? Reliable bike shops in Cairo?

And of course people who want to join? Would be cool to ride together. I'll start half of September 2022 and I'll have one month. 


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update trip

UPDATE trip:

Going to bikepack in Jordan and skip Egypt.

The jordan bicycle trail but from south to north.

Anyone who wants to join on the trip let me know! 



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Hey Alex,

Hey Alex,

Amazing adventure, Jordan is wonderful and you’ll love roads such as the King’s Highway. Just be extra careful in cities as biking is still rare. Unfortunately I can’t join you but if you get to Amman when I’m here we can host you, and if you have any problem you can contact me I’ll try to help. 

Enjoy enjoy enjoy !

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Jordan and Egypt

I'm curious why you're now skipping Egypt. 

Years ago, three others and I biked (on road bikes) virtually the entire Nile Valley from Cairo to Luxor and down to Lake Nassar.  In places the road surface was broken and bumpy as it is just about anywhere, but quite bikeable. 

Before cycling the valley, we biked across Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ashkelon, the Gaza Strip and across the Sinai Peninsula (hugging the Mediterranean Coast), then boarded a rickety raft to cross the Suez Canal to El Qantara, Egypt.  All those roads were also in in quite good condition.  Israel was fascinating.