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Balkan in end of August

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Balkan in end of August

Hello all,

I'm planning to visit Balkan next summer. The idea would be to do a loop from Sarajevo for three weeks (including round trip) Country crossed: Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia.

I have the idea of doing 60 to 80 km per day depending on the height difference and the tourist stops. I plan to sleep as simply as possible while camping (rather wild) and if the opportunity arises with the locals. The envisaged period is late August / early September 2021. I would appreciate the company of a teammate to share the road together. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the itinerary and your desires. See you soon,

Quentin, 28 years old, Avignon, France

NB: if the sanitary measures become more rigorous, I plan to "the Loire by bike"


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