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Unchained- kindle book for free

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Unchained- kindle book for free

Hi all,



I have written a book about my journey cycling around the world and would love some feedback from other cyclists. It is currently free on Amazon kindle.

If you are dreaming of faraway realms and adventures; want to be inspired, or; just fancy a new book to read, Unchained is for you. For four days only, Unchained—chronicling an epic bike adventure around the world—is available for free on Amazon Kindle. If you do read, please message me as I would love to hear your comments.  



Unchained blurb


Ruby has never cycled to another town or camped alone. She is daunted by busy dangerous roads, wild animals and the possibility of getting lost. And yet in 2013, completely unprepared and unsure if she can make it to London 60 miles away, she sets off around-the-world with her bicycle, Percy, and her mother’s ashes. Unchained is a deeply personal travelogue about an around-the-world bicycle tour and the journey within. The story gradually unfolds as she crosses beautiful but unfamiliar lands with a fully-loaded bicycle while struggling with the recent loss of her mother and her feelings of love.


Ruby's journey, that takes her cycling across five continents, is a story about the ups and downs of the road, the highs and lows of life, trusts and betrayals, the kindness of nameless strangers, and a slow realisation of our deep connection with nature and the oneness of humanity. But above all, it is a tale of love.


I would love to hear from you via messenger with any questions or feedback you may have following reading Unchained.

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