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Japan, south Corea, Sakhalin?

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Japan, south Corea, Sakhalin?

Hello bikers

I am thinking about a 2 - 3 weeks bike trip to Japan or around in the next coming month. End of March - beginning of April.
I like to take my time on the bike, so normally when I do a tour, I am around 15km/h, like to start very early if not too exhausted, and potentially finishing late if I took too many breaks during the day.

I have been dreaming about cycling in Japan for many years, so I am very excited about it. Let me know if you would like to be part of that adventure! I haven't made firm plans yet. I have both winter and summer gear, so I am also flexible on the itinerary. Maybe even shortcut some bits by train to see more islands... it's open to discussion.

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Check out my blog on

Check out my blog on It's called Japan in Spring. I was there earlier this year and had a wonderful trip except perhaps for the first bit which was a bit cold. Also i'm just reading a lovely book called The Inland Sea by Donald Ritchie about Japan. Its an excellent read if you like reading.

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sounds good

So, from what you wrote about the timing, if I start in the south end of march, end finish in middle end of April I would be ok?
thanks for the link, nice pictures.

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Yes absolutely. It will be

Yes absolutely. It will be cold but not horribly so. And of course there will be rain. In general, i would say the weather is quite comfortable, if not ideal, for cycling. But you can be lucky and have some nice clear days.

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Arrive Japan 15 March heading north from Sakura, Chiba to Aomori via coast on to Hirosaki then south towards Nagano. No set route dependant on the late winter they are having.

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Touring Japan

Hey Paulina,
Yeah, it's going to be a bit cold, although that is relative for everyone. I found it cold (also March/April)... but I'm always cold, not matter where.
Check out my journal in (scroll down and you'll see the Japan trip down there). Two or three weeks seems like a short time for me, but I guess it depends what you want to do. I biked from Tokyo over Nagoya and on Shikoku a bit, then back to Honshu, Hiroshima, and then to Kyushu. I did about 2000 km in 6 weeks, I believe. But I think I'm kind of slow, ha ha.
Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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