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Nederland & Deutschland casual tour 23.8 - 12.9

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Nederland & Deutschland casual tour 23.8 - 12.9

Looking for a companion/tour-partner for all or parts of a three week journey. The first 10-12 days will be in Nederland, re-visting favorite bike routes and Warm Showers / Vrienden op de Fiets friends. The last 10 days will be visiting favorite people and places in Deutschland. I do not travel with camping gear, so every night is indoors. Prospective rides are no more than 70-75 km per day…. Except on one day in NL I will ride 125 km (75 US miles) to celebrate my 75th Birthday. In general, I love to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, the people I meet, and local foods.
I most enjoy easy, comfortable conversations. Take care! Jon

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