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Turkey west coastal welcoming spring bike touring....

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Turkey west coastal welcoming spring bike touring....

I am thinking out loud, what would it be like being on the road while welcoming spring in Turkey?

To me being on the road is kind a simulation of life. I would like to experience the frustrations and high moments a bike tour might bring.

52 year old so-so experienced bike tourer plans to start pedaling in Istanbul, heading west and then south following coastal route. Roughly it would be Istanbul-Tekirdag-Canakkale-Assos-Ayvalik-Izmir-Selcuk-Kusadasi-Bodrum-Datca-Marmaris-Fethiye-Kas-Antalya-Alanya-Mersin-Adana-Cappadocia.

Departure - from Istanbul
When? - middle of April or beginning of May
Accomodation - mostly wild camping, time to time staying at hotels, three night wild camp, one night hotel kind a ratio.
Food - everyone is responsible for own meal preparation
Daily distance to cover - between 60-100km
Touring pace - two or three consecutive pedaling days followed by one or two days resting
Touring period - It s totally up to us, i might say between two to three months.

Fire your accompaniment/tour related any suggestions please,



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