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Canada to Mexico, Pacific Coast - Summer '23

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Canada to Mexico, Pacific Coast - Summer '23

Hi all!

I'm looking to tour along the Pacific Coast of the United States for about 2 months this summer. The rough plan is to cycle south from Vancouver, Canada to the border of Mexico. This would include riding through Washington, Oregon, and California.

My ideal start date would be ~June 20, 2023. I'm hoping to ride approx. 60 miles a day, depending on the route and going with the flow. Planning on a mix of camping and Warm Showers along the way, with the occasional friend visit for those that live on the coast.

I'm in my mid- to late- 20's and hoping to find at least one like-minded woman to be my cycling buddy for the trip, but I'm also open to chatting if there are a couple of folks interested in the same dates/route!

Thanks for reading :-) Best wishes, everyone!

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Hi Carisse,

Hi Carisse,

I did this exact ride (about 12 years ago now!) and I loved it. Make sure to use the state campsites, they're very cheap, most have showers and it's a good place to meet other cyclists en-route.
I hope you don't mind cycling up hills (try to pack as light as possible)! The coast is very undulating, but absolutely beautiful.
There were a couple of points where we found it tricky to camp, I'd just recommend chatting to a local as they can usually point you in the direction of somewhere.. we camped in a few incredible places based on recommendations..
We also did a day trip in Tijuana it was very simple in and out (slight queue on the way back) but would also recommend.
Anyway, sadly I can't join you but I hope you have the most wonderful time! Peace xo