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Blue Ridge Parkway - 470 miles VA-NC

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Blue Ridge Parkway - 470 miles VA-NC

Looking for riding companions for my first self supported trip in riding the Blue Ridge Parkway this summer - flexible for June/July timeframe. I've ridden the BRP 5 different times but this will be the first self supported. Average 60 miles/day. Camping/lodges. One of the most beautiful rides in America! Let me know of your interests and experience level. This would be a "warm-up" ride for a planned Southern Tier Adventure starting in September (see other post).

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My interest


I would love to join you on your ride on the blue ridge parkway. I am planning on biking from St. Louis MO in a giant circle across the eastern portion of the United States with my end goal being an event in Memphis Tennessee from June 12 through July 12. I will be going through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, etc. Since I would be passing the blue ridge parkway, I am up for joining you. Just let me know the details and I would be happy to join you. I am not that experienced, as this would be my first long distance ride. However, I have biked 80 miles in a day before locally.