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European Divide Trail

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European Divide Trail

I will be starting to ride EDT southern and central sections from Portugal to Denmark from late March (arriving Faro 24 March) to early June 2023.
It would be great to meet up with other bikepackers riding at that time, or to hear from riders who have completed parts/all of the trail.
thanks, Rose

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Hi, good travelling. See here also

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Hi Rose!

I live just 5km off the EDT in Kaiserslautern, Germany. If you need a place to stay, my family would be happy to host you if we are in town. I've rode sections south and north from my place, its a nice trail, though some sections are a bit rough due to storms/forestry management. Hit me up with a message and I can send you my details.


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Algarve to Ariège

Hi Rose, great project! I did from Arles more or less on the Camino to St-Jean-pied-de-port and then followed it to Finisterre. Then I went down the coast to Faro and then inland across to Tarifa where I took the boat to Morocco. Now I start my way up to Germany over the next three months. I am happy to share. Cheers

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EDT portugal denmark

hi rosemary
just a few weeks before your departure.
weather in Europe is improving and warming up.
I have noticed that the EDT passes hamlets and villages every 30 to 40 km so no worries for refilling food and water.
many country roads and paths through European national parks. I use mapsme , OMS maps and Koomot . each section has on average half the day mileage on tarmac road. it is possible to stay on tarmac roads when a bad weather spell occurs on the high mountain passes.
see you in Cordoba.
have a look at for part of the spanish section from the border to cordoba!/province/5
you will be riding on part of the transandaluz bike trail
their map shows hotel, other roads ect
main map for transandaluz!/visor
also this spanish cycling map not so relevant for MTB
bon voyage

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In granada

Hi rosemary, I'll be starting to ride north from Granada in a few days, maybe we can meet up along the way. Are you sticking to the EDT the whole way?