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First tour: Chicago to Saint Paul

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First tour: Chicago to Saint Paul


I'm new to Warm Showers and new to bike touring. I'm getting ready to set off on my first tour, either from Chicago to Saint Paul or vice versa. Taking a road bike with minimal bike packing gear (and no panniers) as I'm going the credit card route. My first question is: how important are the prevailing winds? I'd rather go from Chicago to Saint Paul but the winds suggest I'd be better off doing it the other way around. Any advice on this? Some people say it doesn't much matter and after a bit you forget about winds all together.


Also, if anyone has advice on stops/sites that I shouldn't miss on the way please share. If you have any route advice that would be great too. This newbie thanks you!



Right now the plan is:

  • Chicago to South Milwaukee (Robert McClory Trail), South Milwaukee to Waukesha (New Berlin Trail - Oak Leaf Trail - Drexel Avenue), Waukesha to Madison (via Glacial Drumlin Bike Trail), Madison to Reedsburg (TBA), Reedsburg to Elroy (Great 400 Trail), Elroy to Sparta (Elroy-Sparta Trail), Sparta to La Crosse (via La Crosse River Trail), La Crosse to Winona (Great River Trail), Winona to Saint Paul (River/TBA).
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winds matter


Can't really give you any route specific information but, in my experience, winds DO matter.  Unless the wind speeds there are really, really low, I personally would "go with the flow".