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Responsiveness calculation.

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Responsiveness calculation.

I take great pride in replying to all initial messages from Warmshowers users, to maintain a responsiveness rate of 100%. I know that lack of response to requests for hosting or information is very frustrating for the sender. Despite replying to all initial message over the last 12 months, my responsiveness rate is showing as 75% on my profile, based on repsponding to 3 out of 4 requests, whereas I have in fact responded to all requests. Can anyone explain how the responsiveness calculation works? Historical posts on this subject suggest that the calculation is based upon a response to the first message in a conversation but this does not appear to be the case for me. Can anyone explain further?

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they count every message


I believe they simply count any message you recieve because there is no differentiation beween a message and a request. so if somebody's last message was 'thx for the fish' and there was no need for another response, you are already lacking responsiveness :(

It's too bad, I responded to each and every request, too. Still, I do not get to 100%.