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Northern tier crossing end of June

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Northern tier crossing end of June

Planing West to East, starting around June 28th from Washington state to Maine.
I'm a retired Airline pilot.jist finished a "check" ride of around 1 200 miles in the east coast.
Planning not to rush abd so around 50 miles average per day.
Right now not planning to stay in camping, etc. but rather use "" which worked out well in East Coast.
I live in Israel and have a lot of experience in mountain and road biking.
Please contact my mail, enclosed.

Please read more about my profile in 

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Upper Tier

Hey avner:  

 Welcome to the USa - a senior couple who are good friends of mine from Maine pedaled the Upper Tier route last summer and may be able to provide info and advice for your upcoming ride.  Chris and Patti Hamilton - [email protected]   I wish you the best for your upcoming trip through our beautiful country.

Jack Day - (Sorry, something happened to my keyboard and I am unable to make a capital a.)