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Morocco April 2022

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Morocco April 2022

Hi Warmshowers community, 

I'm contemplating a 2 week trip in Morocco sometime between 9 April - 1 May. I'm not really sure of the route yet, but maybe fly into Fez and out from Marrakesh, vaguely following this:

I'm a 33 year old New Zealander, based in Edinburgh for the year. I usually tour with my husband but he has work commitments. We've been on tours in Samoa, Pakistan, China, Italy, the Balkans and Greece, and the UK. I'm a doctor, so can bring first aid skills to the team! 

Anyone else going to be around over that time? 

Or just me know if you have advice for Morocco, regarding routes, whether to bother taking a tent and/or stove, advice for solo female cyclists, or any other hot tips!


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