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Southern Tier, 2022

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Southern Tier, 2022

I am looking for people who might want to join a small group of riders (4-5) to do the ST together October-November next year. San Diego to St. Augustine. Camping, Warmshowers, occasional motel. I have one friend who will do the trip, but only if we can arrange some kind of sag support to carry the gear. She suggests a van that group members would take turns driving every 4-5 days. Or we could consider hiring a driver for the trip. I am a fairly fit 71 yr. old cyclist, retired college prof, rode the Northern Tier in 2018 and loved it. I would suggest riding 60-80 miles per day. My friend Paula is a retired wildlife biologist, avid cyclist. Any ideas? Suggestions? Interested in joining?  Thanks, Jim 

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