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Europe Cycling Companion, September - December 2021

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Europe Cycling Companion, September - December 2021

Hi! I'm embarking on my first cycling tour this fall in Europe. I am arriving in Malmo, Sweden on September 1st. A rough overview of my route from there:

Malmo to Stockholm

Stockholm to Molde (possibly taking a train for some of this distance to allow for more days to explore cities)

Classic Fjord Route

Alesund to Gothenburg

Down Denmark to Hamburg

Over to Rotterdam

Rhine Cycle Route and Via Romea to Piacenza

Over to Venice

Down the east coast of Italy (Adriatic Cycle Route) to Brindisi

Across to Rome

Up to Piacenza again

Possibly taking a train here again to allow more days to explore cities

Up to Calais

Channel tunnel or ferry to UK

Up to Canterbury and London

Back to Calais and to Paris

I am planning to cover approximately 60 miles or 100 km per day while spending a rest day in a larger city periodically, and I'm planning to camp most of the time but stay with hosts every couple days (or camp in hosts' yards :)) My parents would prefer if I had a female travel companion or a group of people. I'm not asking anyone to commit to this entire tour with me (unless you happen to be free!), so if you are interested in doing any section of it with me, please reach out! I can give you more information on the exact routes and dates. Thanks so much, and happy cycling.


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