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Central Peru Bike Trip [Rancas (Pasco)- Puerto Inca (Huánuco) - La Merced (Junín)]

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Central Peru Bike Trip [Rancas (Pasco)- Puerto Inca (Huánuco) - La Merced (Junín)]

- This bike trip mainly seeks to explore the towns and natural environments of the eastern slopes of the Peruvian Andes.
- 6 of the 8 life zones of the country will be explored by bike.

- Flexible route.
- Mode: Bikepacking

- Cultural immersion in Andean and Amazonian communities.
- Breath in the nature.
- Sociopolitical reflection. Geographic and climatological appreciation.
- Exploration of a route not yet corroded by the tourism industry.

- Lima. 3rd-4th week of January (Flexible)

To join:
- It is not necessary to be experienced.
- It is not necessary to use special equipment or expensive bicycles.
- It is necessary to have resilience, spirit of adventure and Wille zur Macht
- Everyone manages their own budget. (Tent & camp stove can be shared to diminish costs)


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