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Belgium to Italy, departure 19 October 2020

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Belgium to Italy, departure 19 October 2020

Hey hey,

More than a year ago I promised myself to go for a cycle touring trip this time of the year, if I'd  finish a one-year master degree successfully. Despite COVID I now intend to cycle across Europe, from Belgium to Rome in Italy, and am looking for 1 or more companions along Eurovelo 5 and beyond.   
This is my second ride alone, but and first long one.. Due to Covid and seasonal weather change in the Alps/France/Italy with plenty of storms dropping significant volumes of water, the exact route is still up in the air, but I have two options:

Belgium to Mulhouse (FR) via Eurovelo 5, then decide to either cross Switzerland via Eurovelo 5/variations, or go through French Alps to Italian border, avoiding Switzerland...Intention is ride 70km per day in Belgium, gradually building up to 100km rides in France (or less in the Alps). Reconnect in the Po valley to the Eurovelo 5.

Accomodation: a combination of camping, warm showers, and last minute hostel/hotels/B&B if weather goes crazy (stormy or snowy)..ETA Rome 12 November.

Please drop me a line via this website if you are crossing the same route or would like to join me for  some distance. I am male, omnivore and 38y.. I have no preference for age/sex/eating habits/nationality of interested people...only constraint is language: preferable fluent in English or Dutch is going to be helpful.
Thank you

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