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Late-summer cross-European wander

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Late-summer cross-European wander


I'm a 27 year-old male who will have 2 months on my hands from the last week of August which I plan to use cycling from London and across Europe.

I have bikepacked before 10,000 KM (or so) across North/Central America, half with company and half on my own.

My current plans are not currently well-formed but I'd like to the trip to involve:

  • mountains (Pyrenees, Dolomites, Alps. etc (I don't know South-Eastern Europe particularly well)),
  • as much experience of local culture as possible given the pandemic, and
  • perhaps a visit to the Tour de France.

The general route I have planned in my head is to go from the Pyrenees, across the Dolomites and down the Eastern Coast of the Adriatic, but this is subject to change (whether ahead of, or during, the trip).

I'd love to have some company to share the experience with for all or part of the trip whether on the ride itself or during the evenings. I do like to push myself to cycle relatively fast but everything else is negotiable for me including my tendency to try to travel relatively frugally (though I don't plan to wild-camp too much). I am easy-going generally and expect 2 months should be more than enough to see a good chunk of Europe and allow deviations / stops based on where our interest (or the wind) might carry us. I was a bit too dogmatic on my last trip about covering pre-determined distances and I suspected this meant I missed some opportunities (though I have no regrets from what was a great experience overall). (I also plan to take a better camera this time)

Get in touch if you're interested or for any reason whatsoever.


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