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France bike tour summer 2020

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France bike tour summer 2020

Hey! I am Marco! A 32 years old french cyclist adventurer !
Bike touring for 7 years alone most of the time, I am now looking for partners to share new adventures, between 25-40.
I am planning a trip in France in july/august.
70 to 120km per day during 7 to 15 days max.
The itinerary is not fixed but I'm thinking about north's France, Brittany, Mont-Saint-Michel or anywhere else.
Hapiness joy are mandatory!
I'm looking forward to reading from you soon! :-)

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ciao marco

ciao marco

i'll be around bordeaux area cycling with a group of friends (we'll be probably 10) from the 8 to the 15 of august. 

i m thinking of do another week by myself or a smaller group northern (nantes loire valley). open to other ideas. 

aprox 80 km per day, mainly hostel some camping.