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Italy - Santiago through France

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Italy - Santiago through France

hi everyone, Monica, 45...a bit "off" lastly...would love to ride to Santiago departing from home (north west Italy) all along the South French coast then crossing north to Spain and reach the camino.

I need to start really slow as I'm not riding since a while, then...moving faster...

i'm not working since long before COVID so my trip is actually going to be as cheap as possible...avoiding hostels and camping (apart those from Municipalities) as much as i can..

would love to leave and travel with someone..with the idea to...KEEP RIDING afterward...stopping here and there to volunteer and get to know new people...

get in touch,..all you nomads


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To Algarve

Hi Monica, I'll be riding from Switzerland to Algarve, Portugal through Southern France. There might be a few days we could ride together depending on the timing. If you're interested, please let me know the date you enter France. Regards Chris

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Cycling the alps

Hi Monica, one more thing.... Where do you live inNorthern Italy?

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Hi Chrisophe

Thanks for getting in touch...i have some delay in leaving..

Possibly beginning of August..

I live in CUneo, close to France border

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That’ll be so cool

If you do something like this after the flights from US to Europe reopen, I'll be happy to meet you and do the trip together.   

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hi Felix, why not!?

let me know when it happens ans see what we can plan!