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PIctures on feed back

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PIctures on feed back

Good morning
today I've wrote a feedback but when I want to add a picture it was always upside down .
I've tried with other but still have this problem, it was the first time I've got this problem, which could be the way to solve that

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Pictures on feedback

Try posting your pictures upside down. It seems like it should work.

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I have the same problem..... but this seems to work!

I always try to include a photo with me feedback, but I also have he same problem when nearly all of my photos are attached upside-down. So what I do is then ‘edit’ the photo (iPad Photos) and rotate the original a full 360 degrees - so back to the original orientation- and then upload it, and it attaches correctly.

a bit of a fluff, but gets around the problem.

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