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Forum messages displayed in wrong order

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Forum messages displayed in wrong order


Since the update I see in the forums many messages which are very old (from the date) listed on top as new messages. The really new messages are published really on top, but the messages of 2 months ago are far more down or are not to be found at all at the moment.

It seems like there is something wrong with indexes of the messages.

Hopefully you can have a look at it. The forums are really useful, but not if we have to dig through a huge pile of old messages on top.

This happened to me both at my private computer and at my PC at work, so I think it is improbable that it is a result of my computer.

Best wishes and good luck with WS.

Juuk Slager

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This is known about, as new

This is known about, as new posts are made they will appear at the top again.

See here:
and here:

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