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Chicago IL to Door County WI?

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Chicago IL to Door County WI?

Hey! Has anybody biked from Chicago to Door County? I'm doing this in September and would love to avoid sharing highways with trucks if at all possible. Route recommendations or suggestions of reliable maps to get would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Did you find a good route?  I

Did you find a good route?  I'm planning a trip around Lake Michigan this summer (2022).  I'm starting in Milwaukee and heading north, finishing up coming from Chicago.  Any advice or recommendations appreciated.  TIA.

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Wisconsin bike maps

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has detailed bike route maps for each county found here:

I've used these a fair amount and found them pretty accurate for traffic level and road conditions.  It also is nice in that it shows bicycle trails as well.  Note that some of the state trails require a permit.  Have fun!