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Accept or Decline ?????

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Accept or Decline ?????


Cannot contact the person looking to stay directly ... just accept or decline without explanation. I declined because i was hosting someone else... Old way was much better where I could answer the email directly and not have to sign in to website...

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accept or decline

I completely agree with Notan. It used to be easier and more friendly. I had to give an impersonal decline then search for the sender and send a message. If I was able to accept I would first have to go to
their profile to see something
about them and their feedback
then message them separately
and also finally press accept.

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Accept or Decline

I agree. It feels very impersonal (almost rude) just giving a blank decline. Please bring back the old way.

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Please re-evaluate the new Accept or Decline procedure

Hi, I agree with Nolan Danchik and others that being able to send some text in response to a request was much better - especially given the personal nature of this platform.

I just received a request in my e-mail, wanted to answer it, but noticed the reply-by-mailreply wasn't mentioned and I could not find the request under my messages. By coincidence I noticed the "My Guests" tab and had my first experience with the new "accept or decline". I sent the requester a separate message to go along with me pressing "Deny" to apologize for the blunt decline.

Sometimes there is some negotiation involved too, so it would be good to have a "maybe" button too? Oh, and after I pressed "Deny" the request remains listed as Pending; when I wanted to save the request to see if it would be closed, the site said "Access Denied" (thought that was ironic :-)).

Cheers, Francien

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Absolutely agree. I tried to

Absolutely agree. I tried to reply directly since the booking reply appears rather informal and I cannot send any message to negotiate or expatiate.further. I don't think the tourer got my reply with the consesquence that he had missed a chance to be hosted. Bring back the old system of replies please. I don't want to feel like a hotel accepting a booking and will not use this type of response. If it does not change, then we will not continue to host. 

Also, the latest enquiry does not appear in my messages list.

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Prefer regular messages

I just received my first hosting request using the new confirmation system. I wanted to ask a bit more information about my guest but I could only press "accept" or "decline" without further explanation. Well, I could send a message after making that decision. The "save" button does not work.

So, I clearly prefer regular (plain-text) messages to deal with requests. It is much more personal and flexible. Also, regular messages have the advantage that you can just directly reply via e-mail.

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decline a guest

agree with previous posts on this subject and was a bit surprised when i had my first guest request after the upgrade to find i could only send an impersonal, impolite decline. after more key clicks to search for the guest i had to send a message separately just to be polite and explain my reasons why i could nt host. bad "feature". the original way was much more friendly and much better! also comes back with access declined message?? i think this needs sorting out..

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